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Heat recovery is the collection and re-use of heat arising from any process that would otherwise be lost. The process might be inherent to a building, such as space heating, ventilation and so on, or could be something carried out as part of business activity, such as the use of ovens, furnaces and the like.


Examples of Heat Recovery


Typical examples of heat recovery systems include:

H.V.A.C. System Heat Recovery Unit


Which from a single unit, continuously extracts air from the warmer areas of a building and at the same drawing in fresh supply air from outside 

The heat from the extracted stale air is recovered via a heat exchanger inside the unit which is then reused to temper the filtered supply air for resupply back into the building.


These types of unit can achieve up to 90% heat recovery that would have been discharged to atmosphere.

Heat Recovery Ventilation System Installation.


Expervent completed the installation of a new heat recovery ventilation system to a college in the north east of england.


The sytem included the supply and installation of ten lossnay heat recovery units serving ten classrooms & offices including all interconnecting ductwork, grilles, dampers, builders works & roof penetrations.

Compressor Waste Air Outlet Heat Recovery


Compressors generally emit air at 35 to 45°C from the compression process cooling fan(s) this air can be re-use to warm work spaces, provide pre heated air to boiler / process equipment inlets and so on...



If you have a compressor that is venting into a compressor house or venting to atmosphere call us on 0191 489 5400 for a free appraisal of the energy savings you could be missing out on!

Industrial Process Heat Recovery


Many industrial processes require large quantities of heat energy for their primary process activity, as a result once this heat has been used it can be recovered as low grade heat and used for many secondary processes.


From regenerative pre heating of the primary process, to power generation, from air to air exchangers, water to air exchangers we can help you assess your options for heat recovery.

Manufacturing Process Recovery


Some manufacturing processes with low grade heat energy dispersed to atmosphere from local exhaust ventilation or general extract systems can be suitable for replacement air make up heat recovery which reduces ambient to desired temperature energy costs. 



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