Dust Extraction Systems



Dust extraction systems are specialist local exhaust ventilation (L.E.V.) systems provided to capture, convey and contain airborne particulates in the workplace.

The reason for dust extraction?


Dusts in general can be problematic for industry, from product quality control issues, fire and explosion risks under DSEAR / ATEX, complying with HSG258, operator health protection problems. The list goes on....





To overcome the collective risks associated with dusts most companies install dust extraction systems to control the contaminant at the source of release.

Problems associated with dust extraction


Dust extractions systems are widely criticized due to the fact that after the initial capital purchase cost they can be expensive to run and maintain if incorrectly designed.


If (for instance) the dust collection system is poorly designed or simply has been in operation for many years without the consideration of process changes the operators can become subject to increased exposure to potentially harmful dusts and not only that the ongoing operational cost of the system can increase dramatically.

Increased energy costs


Poorly designed extract hoods, duct systems, the incorrect selection of filtration equipment and "in house" modifications are all issues in most industrial plants today.


These problems all have a big impact on energy usage from increased compressed air usage due to poor selection of reverse pulse filtration equipment to increased fan power consumption due to unnecessarily high duct system pressure drops.


We have found that there are always improvements that can be made to reduce energy consumption on dust control systems and in some cases the "payback" is only a few months.

Legal Requirements


The majority of dust extraction systems will fall under the C.O.S.H.H. regulations 2005 and are therefore are an engineering control device.


These dust extraction system installation must conform to not only COSHH regulations 2005 but also HSG258 (Controlling Airborne Contaminants at Work)


See our L.E.V. Systems page for more information.



What can Expervent offer you?


At Expervent we pride ourselves on high levels of industry knowledge, experience and straight talking advice to meet our client’s health, safety and environmental needs.


We can survey your process and offer free impartial advice on existing system optimization, upgrades or new installations.


Our friendly design staff can take you through proposed design options and offer the best solutions from a wide range of international suppliers to suit your requirements and budget.

We have been successfully designing and installing equipment from the above list of manufacturers for over 20 years.


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